Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Day

It has been SUCH a BEAUTIFUL day! Here's a few pictures from this morning with the boys!

Ethan is a little bit more cooperative taking pictures then Preston, but they both are so dang cute!!!!

They had fun sliding down the slide and jumping on the tramp!!

Preston got this new "Cars" table for Easter and you can draw with erasable markers on it. These boys LOVE it so now its become there new lunch and breakfast place....they even can see the TV which is one of there favorite things during lunch to do!

I LOVE watching these kiddo's! Very fun and rewarding job! Teaching me everyday how I want to raise my little ones someday! They also teach me a thing or to about myself to! Today, with the beautiful weather and sunshine, it almost feels like summer. Realizing it is almost here I started to get anxious and started writting a goals list! One of them is to start taking more pictures again, start cooking better meals and then blogging about them agian, spend more quality time on the weekends with my hubby and liby and of course all my wonderful amazing family, and to start documenting it, to start crafting again, to get organized at home, and to get back into better shape and healthier lifestyle! I hope to be able to post about it and keep all of you who read updated!

Go out and enjoy the sunshine today! I know we will be after naps!!!



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