Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Horse

This BEAUTIFUL Animal is literally my life! I was given Buddy when I was 12 years old! I leased him before he was mine, but I begged, pleaded, wrote notes, letters, daily nagging and then one day, I walked out to go get Buddy for my weekly lesson, and on the stall door, was a sign that read: "Congratulations to the new owner of BUDDY" Happy Birthday Emilee!!!!!!!

Well it's been almost 14 years since that day and this old guy is still kickin' it! He is now 19 years old!!! I cannot believe it! He has changed my life! My life went it a different direction because of this one horse! I Fell in love with Western, Fell in love with Trail Riding, Fell in love with Cowboys, Fell in love with Island Park, Idaho, Went into homeschool to spend more time with him, which then led to three more horses eventually! I honestly believe if it wasn't for this spoiled, handsome animal, I would have picked a totally different direction in life.

He made me STRONG

He made me REALIABLE

He made me PATIENT

He made me LOVING


He made me TRUSTING

He made me HONEST

He made me BEAUTIFUL

He made me COURAGES

Me and animals just have a nitch. I don't think there has ever been an animal in my path that doesn't get a lovin' some spoilin' and some TLC! This one though, He is basically my man! (Sorry Jordan...he came first! lol) Jordan always teases, if you had to choose, you would choose him over me, and well...... lol No I love my Jordan too! I can have both right! :-) But the real man that deserves the lovin' is my Dad who saw my love for horses and then saw it as an opportunity and now him and I share this passion together! Thank You DAD! Without your love for these animals too, I wouldn't have this life blessed with these amazing animals that I have without you!

In the End.....I love the person this animal made me! I LOVE HIM and I know without him my life would have been nothing that it is! He taught me plenty of lessons when he bucked me off, and I take that lesson to heart everytime I have a rough day...."Get back Up, and Try Try Again"

Thank You Buddy......You deserve and apple and carrot a day!



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  1. Em, you are so cute! And so is Buddy! :) Miss you girl, hope to see you soon!