Monday, September 10, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

If any of you know me, you know I do love to cook, and plan!! So Menu Planning is right up my alley! I haven't gotten a cool logo yet made up for Menu Plans but I am in the process of making one! I figured since I do have a goot menu this week I will share it all with you! I do tend to skip a day here and there from the menu and it goes onto the next week! We have a lot of random things that come up so somedays we end up eating out!!! I will try this week as well to start taking recipes of all these yummy recipes I am sharing with you all! I follow some awesome food blogs and they give me great inspiration!!!

Here goes the first week!

Monday: Crockpot Taco Soup

Tuesday: Smothered Pork Chops w/Mashed Potoatoes & Green Beans

Wednesday: Chicken w/Mushrooms & Zucchini Over Rice

Thursday: Groud Beef Stroganoff w/ Peas

Friday: Crunchy Shredded Chicken Tacos w/ Spanish Rice and Beans

Saturday: Spud Day in Shelley

Sunday: Easier Fried Chicken w/ Mahsed Potatoes & Corn on the Cob

I hope you all are having a great Monday so far! Can't wait for all the new adventures and a fresh new week!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm on my way....

I'm gonna try this blogging thing one more time! Honestly, Jordan and I's life isn't SUPER exciting, we both work fulltime and then most the time just hang out on the weekends, we don't have a baby yet, and well we just aren't the happenin' couple....But, there are plenty of things that we to do, and I like to vent or show off or share or whatever it might be every now and then, so hopefully I'll be able to keep everyone up to date with or crazy life!!!

So far this summer has been super crazy!!! Being a nanny for 4 is not as easy as it sounds! Especially when all 4 are home!!! Then instead of two 2 year olds to entertain, I have a 8 and 9 year old too!! Let's just say, it was fun, tiring, stressful, busy, loving, and a great learning experience all in one! All in all, I'm very glad school started 4 days ago! This week has been amazing, and I've been able to start to feel like things will get back to life was in overdrive the last 3 months and now I can finally get back into a normal schedule! I had a lot of things planned for this week to start off the new month, but the kids ended up getting a cold last week, so this week I had the joy of having it, so I've been napping when the 2 year olds are and been just reading and hanging out watcing Thomas the Train with little P and little E! lol But today i'm starting to feel much much better and back to normal, having that motivation finaly kick back in and getting ready for the weekened to get ready for the new week!! Man time just flies!!!

I have a lot of pictures and memories to share from this summer and new to keep everyone updated, so for these next few posts, i'm gonng do them in kinda an order I will when posting weekly! I have several things I want to post of each week, Cooking, Nanny, Crafting, Husband/Wife/Family, Excerise/Diet, Menu Planning, Diary/Inspiration/Religion, so forth! So buckle up...or should I buckle up so I can stay on this train.....and get ready to see the happenings of the Landons and are crazy life!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Day

It has been SUCH a BEAUTIFUL day! Here's a few pictures from this morning with the boys!

Ethan is a little bit more cooperative taking pictures then Preston, but they both are so dang cute!!!!

They had fun sliding down the slide and jumping on the tramp!!

Preston got this new "Cars" table for Easter and you can draw with erasable markers on it. These boys LOVE it so now its become there new lunch and breakfast place....they even can see the TV which is one of there favorite things during lunch to do!

I LOVE watching these kiddo's! Very fun and rewarding job! Teaching me everyday how I want to raise my little ones someday! They also teach me a thing or to about myself to! Today, with the beautiful weather and sunshine, it almost feels like summer. Realizing it is almost here I started to get anxious and started writting a goals list! One of them is to start taking more pictures again, start cooking better meals and then blogging about them agian, spend more quality time on the weekends with my hubby and liby and of course all my wonderful amazing family, and to start documenting it, to start crafting again, to get organized at home, and to get back into better shape and healthier lifestyle! I hope to be able to post about it and keep all of you who read updated!

Go out and enjoy the sunshine today! I know we will be after naps!!!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Horse

This BEAUTIFUL Animal is literally my life! I was given Buddy when I was 12 years old! I leased him before he was mine, but I begged, pleaded, wrote notes, letters, daily nagging and then one day, I walked out to go get Buddy for my weekly lesson, and on the stall door, was a sign that read: "Congratulations to the new owner of BUDDY" Happy Birthday Emilee!!!!!!!

Well it's been almost 14 years since that day and this old guy is still kickin' it! He is now 19 years old!!! I cannot believe it! He has changed my life! My life went it a different direction because of this one horse! I Fell in love with Western, Fell in love with Trail Riding, Fell in love with Cowboys, Fell in love with Island Park, Idaho, Went into homeschool to spend more time with him, which then led to three more horses eventually! I honestly believe if it wasn't for this spoiled, handsome animal, I would have picked a totally different direction in life.

He made me STRONG

He made me REALIABLE

He made me PATIENT

He made me LOVING


He made me TRUSTING

He made me HONEST

He made me BEAUTIFUL

He made me COURAGES

Me and animals just have a nitch. I don't think there has ever been an animal in my path that doesn't get a lovin' some spoilin' and some TLC! This one though, He is basically my man! (Sorry Jordan...he came first! lol) Jordan always teases, if you had to choose, you would choose him over me, and well...... lol No I love my Jordan too! I can have both right! :-) But the real man that deserves the lovin' is my Dad who saw my love for horses and then saw it as an opportunity and now him and I share this passion together! Thank You DAD! Without your love for these animals too, I wouldn't have this life blessed with these amazing animals that I have without you!

In the End.....I love the person this animal made me! I LOVE HIM and I know without him my life would have been nothing that it is! He taught me plenty of lessons when he bucked me off, and I take that lesson to heart everytime I have a rough day...."Get back Up, and Try Try Again"

Thank You Buddy......You deserve and apple and carrot a day!



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh how time flys........

When your having fun!!!

Here's a huge post of millions of pictures to update you all of the recent happenings from well.....since I last posted!!! :-) Enjoy! All of the scrapbook pages are by my beautiful talented sister Christie Bryant over at Pretty Paper Book

By the way, these pictures are in no order...just random!


The Landons